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SWRDA Housing summary translation.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 8:33 pm    Post subject: SWRDA Housing summary translation. Reply with quote

The openening text from 'South West RDA, (378), Matter 2/3: Overall Level of Housing Interpreted with Double-Speak D-cipher 2.01 Freeware software.

Summary 1.0 - 1.5

1.1 "There is a strong link between economic performance, housing provision and environmental outcomes at regional and sub-regional levels."

With double-speak removed = "People who earn money live in nearby houses and have an influence on their immediate environment."

After full defrag: "Life goes on"

1.1a "A close alignment between economic performance and housing provision will help secure high quality sustainable development outcomes for the region as a whole, as well as for its cities, towns and rural areas".

With double-speak removed = "By somehow lining up a 'concept' of what most people call wages, with the 'fact of life' that wage earners need a house to live in, security will be found in a secondary concept that paints a picture of things carrying on the same because people still live in houses and go to work to earn wages that sustain their local community, as has been happening for centuries".

After full defrag: "Life goes on"

1.2 The region needs to be prepared for the continuation of strong economic growth (at 3.2%). This includes with regard to the provision of a commensurate level of housing.

With double-speak removed = "For every one hundred pound you earned this year, you will earn one hundred and three pounds and twenty pence next year. If everyone in Cornwall throws three pounds and twenty pence in to a hat, an extra house may be purchased in the Duchy"

After full defrag: "There's an extra pint in it for you next year"

1.3 "The under provision of housing is likely to have significant economic, environmental and social consequences, including tight labour markets, lack of affordable housing provision and increased commuting / congestion. The region is already experiencing the negative consequences of under-provision of housing."

With double-speak removed = "If the people who already live here can't afford a house there will be a problem"

After full defrag: "Too many second homes"

1.4 "The South West RDA is currently unclear as to precisely what assumption about economic growth is being made in relation to the housing methodology. The RSS should provide greater clarity and consistency on this issue."

With double-speak removed = "The people who should know what is going on with the housing situation, and what to do for the best, don't know"

After a full defrag: " "

1.5 "The Strategy needs to promote a step change in both the quantity and quality of new housing in the region."

With double-speak removed = "(MyBlag database error, cannot decipher phrase)"

After a full defrag: "Who makes this shit up"

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