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Your unelected SW quango does not understand Cornwall
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Unelected SW England quango does not understand Cornwall

Culture South West
Sterling House
Dix’s Field

"Dear 'Culture South West',

Why is there no appropriate cultural organisation to represent Cornwall/Kernow? When did Cornish people vote for any of these so called “South West” institutions?"



Culture South West Board Membership
Culture South West became a company limited by guarantee and an executive Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on 8 October 2004.
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Joined: 06 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 9:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quango survey shows power vacuum

A power vacuum in Cornwall has been revealed by a survey of national quangos. The research found that of 1,000 South West board members sitting on 77 national quangos, only two were from Cornwall

In the South West, half the members are in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, while Bristol exerts four times the influence of the whole of Cornwall.

Quangos are non-governmental bodies, such as the Teacher Training Agency, National Institute for Clinical Excellence, Football Licensing Authority and the Economic and Social Research Council.

The report said quangos are largely run by people from London and the South East and the membership should be more representative of the country.

The NLGN is an independent think tank founded in 1996 by senior local government figures, with the aim of making local government more relevant and credible to local people.

It works closely with individual local authorities, national agencies, central government and the private sector.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

from Cornwall24


From the quango Culture SW entitled ‘People, Places and Spaces - A Cultural Infrastructure Strategy for the South West.’

Cornish Councillors receive many long winded and often tedious documents - a lot of them are generated by faceless quangos such as South West Regional Development Agency – SWRDA – which now impose themselves on us, so often overruling the democratically elected representatives of the people. These bodies say they ‘consult’ us but so often the consultation simply consists of one quango rubber-stamping the work of another. Such is the nature of the unelected dictatorship imposed on Cornwall by the so called SWRA, SWRDA and URC.

The other day a document came our way called ‘A Cultural Infrastructure for the South West’ in partnership with the usual alphabet soup of quango’s. Beneath its leaden prose and second rate thinking is hidden a very sinister intent. The document seems to establish a ‘South West Brand’. Now, to destroy a peoples collective identity, it is important to destroy their culture and if possible, their language. For these things underpin the collective conscience of any nation.

In our opinion, this document does this to the Cornish identity and culture. First it defines cultural sub-regions and in doing so, cuts Cornwall in half by lumping South East Cornwall with Plymouth and leaving West Cornwall on its own. This on its own is an act of cultural vandalism against Cornwall and her people.

As you read through the document, the cultural icons they pick on in Cornwall are such things as Eden Project and the Tate Modern, essentially metropolitan culture which would be as at home in London or Bristol. Where is the Cornish Gorseth, Cornish choirs, Padstow ’obby ’oss, Flora Day, St Columb Hurling, the Cornish Language and all the events so quintessentially Cornish? And why is there only 1 Cornish body in the list of consultee’s?

This document is a totally top down approach, a piece of cultural vandalism intent on imposing the values and culture of a metropolitan elite on Cornwall, and marginalising if not destroying our own culture. Of course, there are those who will hold out the begging bowl on the banks of the Tamar in the hope of a few crumbs of grant funding. We think however, the whole document is only fit for the shredder.


Unelected Regional Assemblies abolished in favour of unelected Regional Development Agencies

On Tuesday 17 July 2007, Local Government Minister John Healey MP announced Government plans to abolish regional assemblies (including the unelected SWRA - South West Regional Assembly). Functions of regional assemblies are planned to pass to Regional Development Agencies in 2010. The South West Regional Assembly is due to be replaced by the South West Regional Development Agency in 2010.

South West Regional Development Agency

There was much opposition to the formation of the South West Regional Assembly with critics saying it is an unelected, unrepresentative and unaccountable "quango", and the area covered is an artificially imposed region and not natural. This opinion is based upon geography, arguing that having the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall in the same region as Gloucestershire would be comparable as linking London with Yorkshire.

The feeling is especially strong in Cornwall where in July 2000 Mebyon Kernow issued the "Declaration for a Cornish Assembly".

In Oct 2007 Lib Dem MP Andrew George stated in a press release,

"Just because the Government has approached the whole Regional Devolution agenda in entirely the wrong way, does not mean to say that the project itself should be ditched. If Scotland and London are benefiting from devolution then Cornwall should learn from this and increase the intensity of its own campaign for devolution to a Cornish Assembly."

There have been calls from Mebyon Kernow and Liberal Democrat MPs for a Cornish Regional Development Agency to be implementated instead of the larger unelected SWRDA

Regional assemblies will be axed

Cornwall Under-Represented in Government Quangos

The release of the New Local Government Network’s publication ‘You’ve been Quango’d: Mapping Power Across the Regions’ has added more evidence to the view that Cornwall’s citizens are not adequately represented at the national level. Quangos (Quasi-non-governmental organisations) are used by Government Departments to undertake delegated functions outside the political realm. Public Bodies currently spend £123 billion of public money, the equivalent of 9.3% of GDP.

The report shows evidence that London and the South East is overly represented in non-departmental public bodies. Cornwall was noted as one of the ten ‘barely represented’ areas in the whole country.

In March 2008 Colin Breed, Liberal Democrat MP for South East Cornwall said:

“Once again, the needs of Cornish people are playing second fiddle to those of the capital. The Government often relies on these public bodies to recommend policy. We have seen time and time again what happens when the Government tries to implement policies that work in the major cities, into rural areas like South East Cornwall.

I call upon the Government to take heed of this report and create bodies that represent the needs of the country as a whole, not just London and the South East.”

A full copy of the report can be downloaded from the New Local Government Network’s website



from Cornwall 24

1. SWRDA - The South West Regional Development Agency
Under what authority do these people act. How were they formed and under what criteria and who are they answerable too?. And why is it they have control over Objective One funding that is supposed to be for Kernow ?

2. SWRA - The South West Regional Assembly
Who are they? what is it that they do and who do they represent as I and many others have no recollection of ever having voted for an individual to go and represent the views of Kernow's people.

I did not vote for these faceless institutions as is the case for many of us here in Cornwall and I am deeply concerned as well as confused as to what there ultimate goal is. It was my understanding that Objective One funding was to be used to help rejuvenate run down areas of Kernow and to bring investment and from that jobs and better prospects for we Cornish. But from what I can see, and I may be way off the mark here, all they have done is tarted up a few town centres, and attracted entrepreneurs and property developers to Kernow.

I continually hear words like SW culture, Arts Council, One Cornwall, all uttered from the mouths of people who ought to have the words hidden agenda tattooed on there foreheads. And now I am told in the media that we have the prospect of 70,000 new homes that WILL be built here regardless of how many of us say no. This is a very very worrying time for the people of our fine little land and yet there seems to be very little in the way of protest or indignation coming from our ranks. A few letters in the West Briton etc but nothing in the media (BBC and ITV southwest) Just this SWRDA group coming on TV putting over their point of view on a very very one sided forum. Kind of akin to "This is how it is and there's no argument against it".

It appears we are under a relentless process of forced assimilation. (*Forced cultural assimilation - the process whereby a minority group is gradually forced to adopt the customs and attitudes of the prevailing culture)

I'd appreciate your comments and feedback.
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