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English nats muscle in on BNP territory
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:35 pm    Post subject: English nats muscle in on BNP territory Reply with quote

This has been in the offing for a while. It is a logical conclusion.

England continues to fail to develop a moderate nationalist party in any political position other than the hard right.

This is off another list.

English nationalist rival moves in on BNP territory

As the elections for London's Mayor and the London Assembly approach
all eyes are on the British National Party. Looking ahead to the 2009
European elections, the North West promises to be a particularly
fraught battleground as the BNP comes up against a determined
anti-fascist campaign.

Another hurdle the BNP will have to contend with in the North West is
a resurgent England First Party (EFP) whose message of unabashed white
supremacy continues to threaten the hegemony of the BNP in the region.
With Nick Griffin arrogantly disregarding the wishes of local party
members by appointing himself regional organiser instead of the
preferred candidate Chris Jackson, there will be much more to play for
than seats in European Parliament. Griffin will also be putting his
personal reputation on the line in an area where his political
opponents on the far right are strongest.

The EFP was founded in 2004 by Mark Cotterill, a former chairman of
the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP), which
channelled tens of thousands of dollars into the BNP before a change
in UK electoral law made it illegal to raise money abroad. Cotterill,
who had been involved with the nazi National Alliance while living in
America, was subsequently deported because his fundraising also
contravened US law. Upon his return to England he fell out with the
BNP, Griffin seemingly unwilling to reward his endeavours with a
commensurate party position. Disaffected, Cotterill moved to
Blackburn, Lancashire where he formed the EFP.

The EFP makes no bones about its white supremacist ideology which
marks the party out as more vocally extreme than the "modern" BNP. The
EFP wants to "win back" the country from hordes of "immigrant
invaders". To do so requires the "repatriation of all immigrants to
their lands of ancestral origin", which will not be a voluntary matter.

To the EFP ethnic minorities are unassimilable and unwanted, their
very presence creating friction: "… their clothes, their food, their
culture, their psychology, their biology, their physiology and their
history challenges ours at every point of the compass". To reenergise
the sense of national identity it believes has been corrupted by these
"aliens", the EFP advocates the teaching of "the Aryan histories of
Western Europe" in schools and "the abolition of the Islamic faith and
the demolition of all mosques".

Many BNP members agree with these sentiments but they would perhaps be
loath to couch them in such uncompromising terms. The EFP regularly
operates in tandem with both the National Front and the openly nazi
British People's Party. Its meetings are graced by individuals such as
Lady Michele Renouf, David Irving's chief cheerleader who is
particularly close to Peter Rushton, deputy editor of the EFP's
magazine, Heritage and Destiny.

Another barrier is the genuine ideological difference between the EFP
and the BNP over "English" and "British" nationalism which, though it
might seem of minor importance outside far-right circles, certainly
contains the potential for a major ideological split. There are
certainly people in the BNP who would prefer to "ditch Scotland" if
not Wales, especially since the recent internal crisis in which
Scottish activists were prominent opponents of Nick Griffin, the BNP
leader. The BNP's monthly magazine Identity has recently attempted to
jump on the "English" nationalism bandwagon so as not to be usurped by
the EFP not to mention the larger English Democrats party, which
recently adopted Matt O'Connor, founder of Fathers 4 Justice, as its
candidate in the London mayoral election.

Scottish not "British"
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