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Celtic Euro election results
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:34 pm    Post subject: Celtic Euro election results Reply with quote

Results from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Maybe I'll stick on results from the Republic + Britanny, if I can find them)

You might be interested to know that the SNP has just had its biggest ever European vote.


SNP - 321,007 votes (29.1%)
Labour - 229,853 votes (20.8%)
Tory - 185,794 votes (16.8%)
Lib Dem - 127,038 (11.5%)
Greens - 80,442 (7.3%)
UKIP - 57,788 (5.2%)
BNP - 27,174 (2.5%)
Voter turnout - 28.6%
Rejected ballots - 4,490

The SNP has won the largest share of the European election vote in Scotland for the first time, beating Labour into second place.

The SNP took 29.1% of the vote - a 10 point increase from the 2004 election - ahead of Labour's 20.8%. The Tories took 16.8% and the Lib Dems, 11.5%.

The result means the SNP and Labour have returned two MEPs each, with one each for the Tories and Lib Dems.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond hailed the result as "historic".

At UK level, Labour suffered its worst post-war election result as it was beaten into third place by UKIP.



Conservative: 145,193 (21.2%, up 1.8%)
Labour: 138,852 (20.3%, down 12.2%)
Plaid Cymru: 126,702 (18.5%, up 1.1%)
UKIP: 87,585 (12.8%, up 2.3%)
Lib Dems: 73,082 (10.7%, up 0.2%)
Greens: 38,160 (5.6%, up 2%)
BNP: 37,114 (5.4%, up 2.5%)
Christian Party: 13,037 (1.9%)
Socialist Labour Party: 12,402 (1.8%)
No2EU Yes to Democracy: 8,600 (1.3%)
Jury Team: 3,793 (0.6%)

Welsh Labour has suffered humiliation in the European elections, with the Conservatives topping the poll.

It is the first time since 1918 Labour has failed to come first in a Welsh election, as its vote dropped by 12%.

Labour, Conservatives and Plaid Cymru won a seat each, as did the United Kingdom Independence Party, which will send its first Welsh MEP to Brussels.

The Tories edged ahead of Labour, and were up 1.8% to 21%, while Plaid improved its share by 1.1% to 19%.

But Liberal Democrats again suffered European disappointment. They have never had a Welsh MEP, and were pushed into fifth place, with 10.7%, up 0.2%.


Northern Ireland -

Agnew, Green Party - 15,764
Allister, Traditional Unionist Voice - 66,197
De Brun, Sinn Fein - 126,184
Dodds, DUP - 88,346
Maginness, SDLP - 78,489
Nicholson, Ulster Conservative and Unionist - 82,893
Parsley, Alliance - 26,699
Quota: 121,144

Sinn Fein's Bairbre de Brun has topped the poll in the European Parliamentary election in Northern Ireland.

She has broken a record the DUP has held since 1979. Ms de Brun got 126,184 votes and was the only candidate to reach the quota on the first count.

Jim Nicholson of the Ulster Conservatives and Unionists was the second MEP returned, elected at the third stage.

Diane Dodds, of the DUP is likely to take the final seat.

She had the second highest number of first preference votes, 88,346, just ahead of the Ulster Conservatives and Unionists with 82,893.

Jim Allister, TUV, got 66,197 first preferences, but was later eliminated.
The DUP had 32% of the entire first preference vote in 2004, this time it has fallen to 18.2%.
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