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Duchy Homes plan on schedule despite council delay
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:08 pm    Post subject: Duchy Homes plan on schedule despite council delay Reply with quote

PLANS for more than 700 new homes in Newquay are on schedule despite delays in the signing of an important document after the changeover to a unitary authority.

The Duchy of Cornwall was granted outline planning permission for three separate developments back in January this year.

Restormel Borough Council's planning committee approved plans for 300 homes on land off Quintrell Road, 200 on adjoining land off Henver Road and a further 200 on Tregunnel Hill.

However, the Tregunnel Hill planning application was pushed to the wire, with the six-month time limit on the Section 106 agreement expiring on July 22. Such agreements allow ways of delivering aspects of applications which make them acceptable such as providing for road improvements/traffic calming.

Tim Grey, from the Duchy, told the Newquay Guardian that he was visiting Cornwall this week to finalise the terms of the agreement, before the deadline expired.

"The council has obviously had a lot going on over the past few months and that could well have been why it has taken so long to finalise this it was a difficult time in the changeover," he said.

"The 106 agreements for the other two applications (Quintrell Road and Henver Road) had different expiry dates, but the Tregunnel Hill site expires on July 22. The 106 agreement for the Tregunnel Hill site is going to be sorted this week."

The Duchy's applications have caused controversy, with angry residents attending the planning meeting.

Many councillors questioned the need for so many homes, saying they would take away green space and cause further traffic problems.

However, members of the council's development control committee approved the schemes which were later ratified by the Government Office South West.

Mr Grey said that, despite the delay in signing the 106 agreement with Cornwall Council, the Duchy hadn't wasted time. "We are quite a long way forward with the applications and I think we are first in the queue to get these heard. We will probably be ready to put in our applications for full planning permission in November or December.

"from tic
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