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UKIP's FKUP: Cornish Gaels
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:50 pm    Post subject: UKIP's FKUP: Cornish Gaels Reply with quote

Liverpool Daily Post (Liverpool)
March 1, 2010

Not quite Gaelic;

HERE''S a sobering nugget for St David''s Day.

Reading UKIP''s policy document Restoring Britishness, published on February 12,
I came across this sentence in the section on Educational, Art and Music
Measures, concerning what schools would be required to teach under a UKIP
government: All cultures, languages and traditions from around the British
Isles, such as Gaelic, would be celebrated.

' No mention of Welsh culture and traditions?'' I thought.

I read on, and came to: UKIP believes Britishness is inclusive and should
celebrate all cultures, languages and traditions emanating from the British
Isles. UKIP does not regard Gaelic or expressions of Home Nation identities as
being in conflict with Britishness.

' Still no mention of Welsh?'' I thought.

Next: UK citizens can be proud Scotsmen, Welshmen and Ulstermen as well as proud
Britons. At last, an honourable mention for the Welsh, after several disparaging
references to Welsh nationalism and the Assembly.

Then I came to the next sentence: UKIP will enthusiastically support teaching of
the various Gaelic languages and histories within the UK, in Scotland, Ireland,
Wales and Cornwall.

Suddenly, the penny dropped. I realised that UKIP''s policy-makers are so
clueless about anything that doesn''t relate to England that they think Welsh is
a Gaelic language.

You couldn''t make it up.

Wyn Hobson, Tal-y-bont, Gwynedd
Scottish not "British"
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 The Cornish Rebellion of 1497 was a popular uprising by the people of Cornwall in the far south west of Britain. Its primary cause was the raising of war taxes by King Henry VII on the impoverished Cornish for a campaign against Scotland, motivated by brief border skirmishes that were inspired by Perkin Warbeck's pretence to the English throne. Tin miners were angered as the scale of the taxes violated previous rights granted by Edward I of England to the Cornish Stannary Parliament which exempted Cornwall from all taxes of 10ths or 15ths of income. The Cornish had little sympathy for English wars against Scotland, considering that most Cornish were not English speakers at that time.  

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