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PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 5:49 pm    Post subject: Anglo-Celtic.org Reply with quote

What is Anglo-Celtic?

Part of Celtic BritainAnglo-Celtic is a term that has come in to use in recent years in an number of areas. It is a term being used by some Historians, Archeologists and Genetic Researchers to describe the cultural and genetic roots of the British people. In reference to the inhabitants of the modern nation England the suggestion is that the term 'Anglo-Saxon' to describe the ethnicity and culture of the majority of the last 1600 years is less accurate than the term 'Anglo-Celtic'.

At Anglo-Celtic.org.uk we have no desire to suggest that England is 'as Celtic', as Eire, Cymru, or Alba, or for that matter that all of England is as Celtic as Kernow. We also recognize that these Isles are increasingly, as they have always been to some extent, multi-cultural societies. However we honestly believe that the historical Anglo-Saxon identity taught to the English is not the whole story, and that a wider understanding of the Anglo-Celtic Isles is required as its regions take their place within a new Europe.

It is also fair to say that the strong Anglo-Saxon self perception has contributed a general acceptance in England of the appalling treatment of the peoples of The Isles by those governing England. It is our hope that if the English had a better understanding of the Celtic influence on their roots, these historic attitudes (which sadly are still found in many today) could be rejected and steps towards atonement made.
What is Celtic?

The term Celtic means very different things to different people. Indeed asking the question is a good way to start an argument. However at Anglo-Celtic.org.uk we look at aspects of Celtic Genetics, History, Language and Culture.


England has a growing revival in Kernewe [sic] which is easy to learn on the internet. Hopefully this can bring Celtic reinvigoration to the English, rather than cause Kernow to seek a more separate identity. Some work is being done into Deunansek too.

Scottish not "British"
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