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Gordon Brown is English for St George
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:03 pm    Post subject: Gordon Brown is English for St George Reply with quote

Niallaidh wrote:
Taken frae the Sun Embarassed surprised really that for once Baron Greenback fails to mention britain!

Published: Today

TODAY is St George’s Day and William Shakespeare’s birthday, so Sun readers have two reasons to feel incredibly proud of all that England has given to the world.
People across the country are taking part in fantastic marches and showing their pride in the flag of the country that gave the world Winston Churchill and The Beatles. (Wis Winston no a Tory? Ah well thats Winston and Maggie Thatcher, Broons heroes noo)

And I’m pleased to say that the flag of St George will be proudly flying from Downing Street today.

One of England’s greatest gifts is the beauty of the language itself — a tongue that has been much improved by Shakespeare’s own use of it.

Hero ... William Shakespeare

We can sometimes forget how much of the richness of English we owe to him — phrases like ‘taking a pound of flesh’, ‘wearing our heart on our sleeves’ and ‘to be eaten out of house and home’ all began with Shakespeare.

So many of the phrases we now use that capture something perfectly are his and we should be proud of the elegance that our national bard has brought to our national language

That is why I am so committed to seeing Shakespeare taught in schools and am determined that everyone who lives in this country should have a firm grasp of the language of this country.

People are having a tough time of it at the moment but we should also think this St George’s Day about all that we have to take pride in.

From the writers of great classics like Shakespeare, to more modern writers like Martin Amis, Zadie Smith and the much-missed JG Ballard, England has always produced writers who help us to think about life anew.

So too with the arts, where people like Judi Dench and Alan Bennett delight the whole world.

Or music, where artists like Coldplay and Leona Lewis fill stadiums on continents far from these islands.

And we have seen continued English sporting success with the recent triumph of our women’s cricket team in winning the World Cup, as well as just how many kids in far corners of the world dream of playing the beautiful game as well as England’s own David Beckham.

So there is a huge amount to celebrate in England.

Shakespeare is just one of the things that makes me proud of this country I love

But there are new things each and every day.

Whether it’s this nation’s spectacular generosity in donating record amounts to Comic Relief for malaria bednets, the bravery of our magnificent Armed Forces (What the fuck has that got to do with St.Georges day?) or the care we all get at the hands of our National Health Service,(Again, i must ask wtf?) there is a lot to take pride in.

So let me end by wishing a happy birthday to Mr Shakespeare. (Hes dead, ya muppet)

And a happy St George’s Day to you.

posted by: geelow
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posted by: aufdeutsch
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Scottish not "British"
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 Random Information. 
 1997 was the 500th anniversary of the An Gof uprising and a commemorative march (Keskerdh Kernow 500) was held, which retraced the route of the original march from St Keverne, Cornwall via Guildford to London. A statue depicting An Gof and Flamank was unveiled at An Gof's home town of St. Keverne and a commemorative plaque was also unveiled at Blackheath.  

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